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Cabin One Awaits You


It’s a rainy night and you can hardly see the road ahead.  You’re tired, hungry and just want a place to rest your eyes.  Up ahead, the light catches your eye. It’s a motel. A bit dreary, dark and lonely, but it looks like it at least has a hot shower.

Check in at the Bates Motel and uncover life behind Hitchcock’s most famous horror. This eBook features a behind the scenes look at the making of the move and a trivia challenge of questions to test any fan’s recollection.


Bates Motel Trivia Challenge

Behind ‘Psycho and Life Inside the Bates Motel

Published: 2009

Publisher: Aplomb Publishing

Size: 5 1/2x 8 1/2

Pages: 44

Illustrated: b/w photos

Cover: Black & While

Format: eBook


Available as an eBook on Kindle

The eBook from

Booklet comes with a 15-page overview of the making of the film and 30 trivia questions on the movie, plus bonus questions and an answer key.  Step up and take the challenge.

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