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Death of a Pop Star

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Tragic Endings of Pop Music Legends


Pop music focuses on commercial success, aimed at a youthful market, with short and simple pop songs. But the death of those who create the music become markers for the end of an era and their image becomes frozen in time.

From the recent death of Michael Jackson to the death of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, we are reminded how much an impact such a loss has on pop culture. Major losses like the deaths of John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain and Selena mark the end of prolific careers that still had so much yet to offer.

Death of a Pop Star looks back at the lives and deaths of these artists as well as other pop legends like Marvin Gaye, Jim Morrison, Buddy Holly, Andy Gibb, Cass Elliot, Jimi Hendrix, Karen Carpenter, George Harrison, John Denver and more. Packed with photographs and stories behind their tragic ends, as well as brilliant careers, Death of a Pop Star takes readers back for a trip through pop culture time and rock and roll history.

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Death of A Pop Star - TragiC Endings of Pop & Rock Music Icons

Pop Stars Covered

  1. 1.Michael Jackson

  2. 2.George Harrison

  3. 3.Tupac Shakur

  4. 4.John Denver

  5. 5.Kurt Cobain

  6. 6.Andy Gibb

  7. 7.Karen Carpenter

  8. 8.John Lennon

  9. 9.Elvis Presley

  10. 10.Florence Ballard

  11. 11.Cass Elliot

  12. 12.Marvin Gaye

  13. 13.Jim Morrison

  14. 14.Selena

  15. 15.Janis Joplin

  16. 16.Jimi Hendrix

  17. 17.Buddy Holly

  18. 18.and many more ...

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