Disaster in the sky

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Disaster movies have been around since the early days of film, but not until ‘Airport’ in 1970 did the disaster movie become a genre unto itself. What followed was a decade of films that brought disaster to the forefront. From upside-down ocean liners in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ to burning skyscrapers in ‘The Towering Infernos, Hollywood gave us avalanches, hurricanes, meteors and everything in between. But through it all, the ‘Airport’ movies carried moviegoers up and away to the dangerous skies.

From the original in 1970 to the final in the series
in 1979 and various copies and parodies, airliners
in danger and their star-studded casts of passengers
drew us to the big screen. Now, take a look back at
the making of one of the most successful film series
of all time. From behind the scenes, we see how the
films were made, who made them possible and how
we responded to them.

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Disaster in the Sky was first published in 2000 from Aplomb Publishing. Another edition was printed in 2003. Now, a 2009 ebook from the original edition is available through Amazon.com’s Kindle ebook service.