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Joan Crawford Revisited

A New Enhanced iBook for iTunes Looks back at Joan Crawford with added audio from the star

What Ever Happened to Mommie Dearest? was a hit 2012 book, available in both print and ebook, looking back at the life and work of movie star Joan Crawford. Now, in 2017 a new and improved, enhanced edition, created specially for iPads and enhanced ebook readers, is available through iTunes, iBooks.  The enhanced version features rare audio of Joan Crawford in front of each chapter, discussing her life and career. Packed with photos and updated text, this version offers a whole new look at Joan Crawford and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? More >>


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New  2017 Edition:

Cursed Movies

Curse of the Silver Screen - Tragedy & Disaster Behind the Movies looks back at troubled movies like The Misfits, Superman and Rebel wIthout a Cause to find out of the movies were truly

cursed and what tragic events

faced the cast and crew.  A 2017 enhanced edition for iBooks on iTunes features new content and media.

In print and ebook and full of photos. More >>

Featured Podcasts and Video

   Behind the Screen: the Movie Files     Satan’s Baby        Cleopatra Liz                          Icon Years                         Atomic Hollywood

Death of a Pop Star

Tragic Endings of Pop & Rock Music Icons

Death of a Pop Star looks

back at the lives and

deaths of rock artists and

pop legends like Michael

Jackson, John Lennon,

Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Jim

Morrison, Jimi Hendrix,

Karen Carpenter, Buddy

Holly, Kurt Cobain, Selena

and more. Packed with


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Disaster Strikes!

Behind the Scenes of The Disaster Genre

A new edition of our book Disaster on Film has been released and is now selling worldwide. Available in print and in Kindle ebook, the book chronicles the history of the disaster movie - from the earliest days to the full-fledged blockbuster Airport in 1970 and the into recent years with a look behind disaster flicks like Twister, Armageddon, Dante’s Peak, Daylight and Titanic. Look for it on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Tower, Powell’s Books and more. Find out More >>

Our Hit Podcast Inspires a book

“Behind the Screen with The Movie Files,” started in 2007 as a podcast series on the web to talk about movie history. Soon it made its way to iTunes where lots of classic movie fans discovered it and now 150 episodes later, and in its fourth season, The Movie Files arrives in print with a new book inspired by the series. The Movie Files - at the low price of $1.99 for Kindle and Nook  - selects a handful of films discussed and offers a detailed spin. Films include “Titanic,” “Rebel Without a Cause” “Wagons East,” “Poltergeist,” and Torn Curtain.” Only on eBook, pick up your copy at Amazon.com or BN.com. Also a special iTunes version on iBookstore.

Reel Horror Volumes 1&2

Reel Horror takes readers through some of Hollywood’s scariest and most interesting tales of movie-making history as the horror on the big screen is mirrored by tragedy off camera. Covering The Exorcist, Rosemary’ Baby, The Crow, Poltergeist and more, volume 1 is still one of our best selling titles. Volume 2 is out also available.

Alfred Hitchcock

Our Award Winning biography, Alfred Hitchcock: The Icon Years, has been released now as an enhanced eBook with audio commentary complementing each chapter. The book chronicles the later years of Hitchcock and a behind-the-scenes look at films like  Psycho, The Birds and more. Visit the site for more >>.

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Murder on the Boob Tube

Enhanced on iTunes in new eBook

Rediscover classic detectives and crime dramas of the last 50 years. with Murder on the Boob Tube. iconic shows like Columbo, Murder She
Wrote, Charlie's Angels, Ironside,
Mannix, Cannon, Barnaby Jones,
Streets of San Francisco and
countless others are detailed.
Find out more >> or check out
the enhanced ebook on iBookstore.

Who Nuked the Duke? 2014 SF Book Festival Winner

Who Nuked the Duke? tackles the dramatic story surrounding the filming of John Wayne’s 1954 epic ‘The Conqueror’ and the 30 year saga that followed. From massive atomic bomb explosions in Nevada to the cast of characters downwind in Utah, suffering from the fallout, as well as the drama of Hollywood, the book tells the story few have ever fully heard. More >> - The book was named the 2014 Best General Non-Fiction title in the San Francisco Book Festival and won a National Indie Excellence Award and is featured in a short film.

Lana Turner’s Nightmare

A shocking new book goes back to 1958 and the tragic events surrounding Lana Turner’s doomed romance to LA mobster Johnny Stompanato.  When Lana’s teenage daughter accidentally kills her lover during a lovers’ fight, all of Hollywood is caught up in the media storm and tell-all inquest that follows.  Take a look back at what really happened with this title that was awarded Best General Non-Fiction at the New York, Hollywood and London Book Festivals. Learn more >