True Horrors Behind
Hollywood’s Scary Movies


Reel Horror - True Horrors Behind Hollywood’s Scary Movies takes readers behind the scenes of some of films most memorable and infamous horror movies and provides a look back at the making of the features and the troubles the stars and filmmakers faced.  From death and tragedy on the movie sets to horrific events that lead to the making of the films these movies have tales as fascinating behind the screen as what appear on it.  Stories detailed include:

Volume 1

- The death of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow

- The true possession behind The Exorcist

- Charles Manson’s ties to Rosemary’s Baby

- Death on the set of Twilight Zone - The Movie

- The real story of The Amityville Horror

Poltergeist, Jaws, Psycho and move.

Volume 2

- Trouble of The Omen

- Curse of The Incubus

- Death and Queen of the Damned

- Paranormal Activity

- The Blair Witch Project, The Birds, and more

Volume 1 is a 2008 release and is available in print and standard ebook formats. Volume 2 is both a standard and enhanced book. The enhanced iTunes iBookstore version includes additional audio not found in the standard edition.

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